Finviz Screener: Your Gateway to Powerful Stock Discovery

by lata
Finviz Screener

Stock selection can feel like navigating a financial jungle. Countless companies vie for your attention, each with its own story and potential. But how do you find the stocks that truly resonate with your investment goals? Enter Finviz screener, a free and powerful tool designed to transform your stock discovery process.

Targeted Filtering

Forget sifting through endless lists. Finviz screener empowers you with a vast array of filters. Narrow down your search based on market capitalization, price-to-earnings ratio, dividend yield, and a multitude of other financial metrics.

Technical Analysis Made Easy

Integrate technical indicators directly onto the charts. Identify trends, potential entry and exit points, and make informed decisions based on popular indicators like moving averages, Bollinger Bands, and MACD.

Fundamental Strength at a Glance

Finviz goes beyond the surface. Screen for stocks based on key fundamental data like profitability, debt-to-equity ratio, and sales growth. This empowers you to assess a company’s financial health and long-term potential.

Interactive Charting

Visualize price movements and identify technical patterns with Finviz’s interactive charts. Seamlessly adjust timeframes and compare multiple stocks on the same chart for a comprehensive overview.

Stay Informed

Stay on top of the latest news and analyst ratings directly within the screener. This valuable integration helps you understand market sentiment and potential catalysts that could impact stock prices.

Save Time, Save Money

Don’t waste time recreating your perfect screen every time. Finviz allows you to save your customized screens for easy access, saving you valuable research time and streamlining your workflow.

Future-Proof Your Strategies

The Elite version of Finviz offers a powerful backtesting feature. Test your investment strategies on historical data to assess their effectiveness and refine your approach before putting your capital at risk.

Unlock the Full Potential 

Upgrade to the Elite version and gain access to a treasure trove of additional features. Explore pre-market movers, delve deeper with advanced charting options, and leverage level II quotes for a more comprehensive analysis experience.


Finviz screener empowers investors of all experience levels to make informed decisions. Its intuitive interface, extensive filtering options, and seamless integration of technical and fundamental analysis make it a one-stop shop for stock research. By leveraging the power of Finviz, you can navigate the investment jungle with confidence, discover hidden gems, and build a strong foundation for your financial future. Remember, thorough research, a well-defined investment strategy, and a healthy dose of risk management are crucial for long-term success. So, unleash the potential of Finviz screener and take charge of your investment journey today!


  • Is Finviz screener free?

Yes, the basic features of Finviz screener are free to use.

  • What are the benefits of the Elite version?

The Elite version unlocks advanced features like backtesting, level II quotes, and more in-depth charting options.

  • Is Finviz a replacement for financial advice?

While Finviz is a valuable tool, it’s not a substitute for professional financial advice. Consider consulting a financial advisor for personalized investment guidance.

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