Unleash Your Inner Stock Sleuth: Mastering the Finviz Stock Screener

by lata
finviz stock screener

Sifting through the vast ocean of stocks can be daunting. But fear not, intrepid investor! Finviz enters the scene, offering a powerful and user-friendly stock screener to help you unearth potential gems. This comprehensive guide will equip you with the knowledge to navigate the Finviz stock screener like a pro, enabling you to craft targeted searches and make informed investment decisions.

Decoding Finviz: A Breakdown of Key Features

Finviz boasts a range of features designed to streamline your stock selection process. Here’s a glimpse into some of the most valuable ones:

Intuitive Interface: Finviz offers a clean and user-friendly interface, making it easy for beginners and seasoned investors alike to navigate its functionalities.

Extensive Filtering Options: Filter by market capitalization, price-to-earnings ratio, dividend yield, sector, and a plethora of other criteria to narrow down your search and identify stocks that align with your investment goals.

Technical Analysis Tools: Analyze price charts with various technical indicators like moving averages and relative strength index (RSI) to gain insights into potential price movements.

Charts and Comparisons: View interactive charts to visualize stock performance and compare multiple stocks side-by-side to make informed decisions.

Fundamental Analysis Integration: Access fundamental data (available with a paid subscription) to delve deeper into a company’s financial health and growth prospects.

Crafting Your Perfect Screen: Essential Filters

With Finviz’s diverse filters, you can tailor your search to target specific investment opportunities. Here are some key filters to consider:

Market Capitalization: Target large-cap, mid-cap, or small-cap stocks depending on your risk tolerance and growth objectives.

Valuation Ratios: Utilize filters like P/E ratio or price-to-book ratio to identify potentially undervalued stocks.

Financial Performance: Filter by metrics like revenue growth, profitability, or debt-to-equity ratio to assess a company’s financial strength.

Technical Indicators: Leverage technical indicators to identify potential buying or selling opportunities based on historical price trends.

Hidden Gems: Beyond Basic Screening

Finviz offers functionalities beyond basic screening to empower in-depth research. Here’s how to unlock its full potential:

Chart Overlays: Overlay multiple stocks on a single chart to compare their performance visually.

News & Screeners: Stay updated on market news and access pre-configured screeners for various investment strategies.

Customization: Save your frequently used filters and screener settings for efficient future use.


Finviz equips you with a powerful tool to navigate the stock market with greater confidence. By mastering its functionalities and filters, you can streamline your stock selection process, identify promising investment opportunities, and make informed financial decisions. Remember, Finviz is a valuable aid, but it shouldn’t replace your own research and analysis. So, dive into the world of Finviz, hone your skills, and embark on your journey to becoming a stock market sleuth!


  • Is Finviz free to use?

The basic version of Finviz is free, offering a vast array of filtering and screening options. A paid subscription unlocks additional features like real-time data and advanced charting tools.

  • Is Finviz reliable?

Finviz is a reputable platform with a strong track record among investors. However, it’s crucial to conduct your own due diligence before making any investment decisions.

  • What are some alternatives to Finviz?

Other popular stock screeners include Yahoo Finance, TD Ameritrade’s Thinkorswim platform, and Stockopedia.

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