The Economic Calendar: Your Key to Market Movements with FINVIZ

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The financial markets are a complex dance, influenced by many factors. Economic data releases are among the most significant forces that can cause ripples, waves, or even tsunamis in stock prices, forex rates, and other financial instruments. Here’s where the FINVIZ Economic Calendar becomes your secret weapon.

The Economic Calendar

The FINVIZ Economic Calendar provides a comprehensive and user-friendly platform to track upcoming economic data releases. It displays vital information like:

Release Date and Time: When the data will be made public.

Impact: High, Medium, or Low – indicating the potential significance of the release on the market.

For: What aspect of the economy the data pertains to (e.g., Unemployment Rate, GDP)

Actual: The most recent data point (filled in after the release).

Expected: Analyst predictions for the upcoming data release.

Prior: The previous data point for comparison.

Benefits of Using the FINVIZ Economic Calendar

Informed Trading Decisions: By anticipating the impact of data releases, you can position yourself for potential market movements.

Prioritize Important Events: Focus on high-impact releases that have the greatest chance of swaying the markets.

Identify Trends: Analyze historical data and compare it to current expectations to identify potential trends.

Stay Updated: Receive alerts (with a FINVIZ Elite subscription) for critical data releases, ensuring you don’t miss a beat.

Leveraging the Calendar for Different Trading Styles

Day Traders: Use the calendar to identify high-impact releases that might create short-term volatility, allowing for quick entry and exit points.

Swing Traders: Plan trades around major economic events, anticipating price swings over a few days or weeks.

Long-Term Investors: Utilize the calendar to gauge the overall health of the economy and make informed decisions about long-term investments.

The Basics

FINVIZ offers additional features to enhance your economic calendar experience:

Filtering: Filter data by date, impact, currency, and economic category for a customized view.

News & Analysis: Access relevant news articles and analyst commentary alongside the data releases for deeper insights.

Historical Data: Analyze past data points to identify trends and make informed predictions.


The FINVIZ Economic Calendar is a valuable tool for any investor or trader. By understanding the impact of economic data releases and using the calendar effectively, you can gain a significant edge in navigating the ever-changing financial markets. So, bookmark the FINVIZ Economic Calendar and unlock a world of informed trading opportunities.


  • Is the FINVIZ Economic Calendar free?

Yes, the basic version is free. A premium subscription (FINVIZ Elite) offers additional features like real-time quotes and alerts.

  • How accurate are analyst expectations?

Analyst predictions are estimates and can be wrong. Use them as a guide, not gospel.

  • What if the actual data is different from expectations?

The market can react significantly to unexpected data releases. Be prepared to adjust your trading strategies accordingly.

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