Finviz App: Your Powerful Stock Screener and Market Analysis Tool

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Finviz is a popular web-based platform, but many users wonder – is there a Finviz app? While there isn’t a dedicated mobile app, Finviz offers a mobile-friendly website that allows you to access its powerful stock screening and market analysis tools.

Here’s what we’ll cover

Stock Screening: Discover how to utilize Finviz’s extensive filters to find stocks that meet your specific criteria.

Charting and Technical Analysis: Learn how to leverage Finviz’s charting tools to identify technical patterns and make informed trading decisions.

Fundamental Analysis: Explore how Finviz can aid your fundamental analysis by providing key financial data.

Market Maps and Heatmaps: Gain insights into overall market trends and sector performance with Finviz’s visualization tools.

Insider Trading: Stay ahead of the curve by tracking insider trades through Finviz’s data.

News and Analysis: See how Finviz integrates relevant news and analysis to supplement your research.

Alerts and Watchlists: Discover how to set up personalized alerts and watchlists to stay informed about your favorite stocks.

Finviz Elite: Explore the premium features offered by Finviz Elite and determine if it’s the right fit for you.

FAQ: Get answers to frequently asked questions about Finviz.

Conclusion: Summarize the key takeaways and benefits of using Finviz.

Stock Screening

Finviz boasts an impressive array of filters that allow you to screen stocks based on various criteria, including market capitalization, price-to-earnings ratio, sector, and technical indicators.

Charting and Technical Analysis

Finviz provides a user-friendly charting interface with a wide range of technical indicators and drawing tools. You can analyze historical price trends, identify chart patterns, and make informed trading decisions.

Fundamental Analysis

While not as in-depth as some dedicated financial analysis platforms, Finviz offers essential financial data like price-to-book ratio, return on equity, and debt-to-equity ratio. This data can be a valuable starting point for your fundamental analysis.

Market Maps and Heatmaps

Gain a quick visual representation of market performance across sectors and industries using Finviz’s heatmaps. This can help you identify potential opportunities and understand broader market trends.


Finviz is a valuable tool for both novice and experienced investors. Its user-friendly interface, extensive screening capabilities, and insightful visualizations make it a powerful platform for conducting investment research. Whether you’re a stock screener pro or just starting out, Finviz is a great resource to add to your investment toolkit.


  • Is Finviz free?

Yes, Finviz offers a free basic plan with access to most features. However, a premium plan called Finviz Elite unlocks additional features like real-time quotes and backtesting tools.

  • Is Finviz reliable?

Finviz is a reputable platform used by many investors and traders. However, it’s important to remember that no platform can guarantee successful investing.

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