The Power of Finviz Heat Maps: A Visual Guide for Stock Analysis

by lata
finviz heat map

Finviz is a treasure trove for stock screeners and technical analysis tools. But one feature often goes under-appreciated: the Finviz heat map. This powerful visualization tool allows you to see how different sectors and industries are performing at a glance, making it a valuable asset for any investor’s toolkit.

Decoding the Finviz Heat Map

The Finviz heat map presents a grid-like layout where each square represents a stock or an index. These squares are then colored based on a chosen metric, such as price change, percentage change, or market capitalization. Green squares typically indicate positive performance, while red squares signify negative movement. The intensity of the color reflects the magnitude of the change.

Market Trends

By scanning the heat map, you can quickly identify industry leaders and laggards. Sectors with a majority of green squares suggest strength, while red-dominated areas might indicate weakness. This allows you to spot potential trading opportunities and make informed investment decisions.

Filtering for Focus

Finviz allows you to filter the heat map based on various criteria, such as market capitalization, sector, and index. This helps you focus on specific areas of interest and gain deeper insights into their performance.

Stocks: Indices and Futures

The Finviz heat map isn’t limited to stocks. You can also view heat maps for indices and futures contracts, providing a comprehensive overview of the overall market sentiment.

Customization is Key

Finviz empowers you to customize the heat map to fit your needs. You can choose the color scheme, the metric displayed, and even the sorting criteria. This level of control ensures a personalized experience that aligns with your trading style.

Leveraging the Heat Map with Other Tools

The Finviz heat map is a powerful tool on its own, but it becomes even more valuable when combined with other Finviz features. Use the screener to identify promising stocks within a hot sector or delve deeper into individual stocks using the charting tools.


The Finviz heat map is a user-friendly and informative tool that can significantly enhance your stock analysis process. By leveraging its visual representation of market movements, you can gain valuable insights, identify potential opportunities, and make informed investment decisions. So, the next time you’re on Finviz, don’t underestimate the power of the heat map – it might just become your secret weapon for navigating the ever-changing stock market.


  • Is the Finviz heat map free?

The basic heat map functionality is available with the free version of Finviz. However, some advanced features might require a premium subscription.

  • What are some limitations of the heat map?

The heat map provides a high-level overview, and further analysis is needed before making investment decisions. It’s also important to consider factors beyond price movement, such as company fundamentals and news events.

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